On Purpose

Behind every great cause, company, or movement lives a founder’s story.

An incident, an experience, or an event that compels the person to act, change and evolve.

Today, I’m ready to share my story.

A few years ago, I became the target of significant and life-altering digital identity theft. Until you have experienced a life-altering event, you think, “it won’t happen to me” until it does.

I was impacted, and my family, friends, and a former company were targets due to my connections and direct involvement in the cryptocurrency industry.

Fueled by this experience, I founded DFend.

Moving forward, my mission, passion, and purpose are to do everything I can to make the digital world safer and reduce others’ risk of becoming targets of similar crimes.

We can and must all come together to make our digital world safer.

More awareness, education, public-private partnerships, and tools are needed to attack this multi-trillion-dollar global issue. We can work together to stop ongoing threats by creating simple, easy-to-understand services and tools and deploying them to keep our digital existence safe from harm.

I’m not afraid to ask for your help; I need it. If you can help our cause, I look forward to hearing from you. Solving this global cybercrime and privacy pandemic will not be easy.

It will take companies, consumers, governments, and all of us, to make our digital lives safer. I’m fighting for this; we should all fight to make our digital lives safer now and for future generations.

Let’s do this together. Stay safe.


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